Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Chocolate Coconut Mini Cupcakes (Whole Wheat)

Wow, I made a replica of my grandmothers homemade cakes that she used to make when I was small, but mine is a mini cupcake.  I used my basic cake recipe (in my previous posts) but I added some chocolate chunks to the batter hmmmm would it work, it did, but I need it to be more chocolaty, like devils food cake, so my mission for next week is to make a devils food cupcake ( that sounds so good right now).

Since wheat flour has its own unique good flavor, you have to add more of your ingredient (fruit, chocolate, vanilla etc) to your batter so that the flavor you are looking for in the cupcake will shine.

People ask me what is your secret for your cupcakes and cookies, how do you make them taste so good and be so moist, that is one thing that I can't give out, or I won't be in business, so the recipes that I give is just a basic recipe, with other ingredients that I add in, I cant tell all my secrets :-)!

These cupcakes have a sweet, moist taste. 

Look little hands couldn't resist taking one, before I got it frosted :-)

See you tomorrow, have a blessed day!

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